Your orgasmic potential is vaster than we’ve been told.


Your capacity for deep presence, embodied pleasure and potent leadership is boundless.


Your lingam can connect you to your whole being, to life, your lover, and reveal the divine in all.


Lingam Awakening™ is a ground-breaking transformative approach for men’s intimacy and sexual empowerment that integrates ancient wisdom from many cultures with modern scientific knowledge guided by insights from practical experience.

This process will help you open to your depths, activate your embodied powers and instill practices for the unfolding of your Lingam Awakening journey.

Men can have whole body orgasms, be multi-orgasmic and experience long lasting orgasmic states.

Your orgasmic potential as a man is endless!

When the power within your lingam becomes more owned, anchored and filled with your loving consciousness, you will know, feel and access your true sexual power, desire and potential.


You will actualise your innate potentials to the degree you are ready and do the practices. Lingam Awakening is here to support you to:

  • Claim your sexual power, potency and freedom
  • Anchor and empower your Heart Lingam connection
  • Activate the pillar of consciousness hidden within your lingam
  • Awaken the intelligence, sensitivity and unique powers hidden within your lingam
  • Become a better lover, having longer, deeper more connected sex
  • Connect more deeply, sensitively and energetically with yourself and your lover
  • Heal distorted sexual programming
  • Learn techniques for healing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Embody your unique erotic sex god within


Deep transformation from the inside out at a level appropriate for you.

You will be guided safely by trauma informed facilitation with your personal choice and wellbeing as the top priorities.

Each Lingam Awakening offering includes a unique mix of:

  • Guided Meditations – Drawing from Tantra Yoga,  Kashmir Shaivism, Sacred Sexuality, Taoism, Kundalini Yoga and other lineages you will be guided through a set of meditations (where you are laying down or seated, generally eyes closed) for healing, activation, empowerment and integration.
  • Emotional Integration Tools & Karmic Release Statements – Using simple verbal statements, movements (like tapping a meridian point on your body) and taking a few deep breaths you’ll be guided through processes that liberate the life force trapped unconsciously in your bodies, from traumatic events, emotional wounds, childhood conditioning and the like, to be integrated back into the present, along with lessons learned, empowering you to make clearer more conscious choices in how you meet life. These tools are a synthesis of Kinesiology, NLP, EFT, shamanic practices, yogic knowledge, intuitive healing and more.
  • Ritual Magick – Rituals are simple acts of focusing intention. A ritual approach makes the ordinary more meaningful. Rituals create profound effects and can manifest changes both in our internal experience and outer lives, in ways that can appear magical due to how quickly and holistically they occur.
  • Embodied Activations – Drawing on shamanic, tantric, yogic, taoist and sacred sexual practices you will be guided through a set of creative physical practices involving light movement, energetic channeling, intentional visualisation and focused breathing to help activate a range of desired experiences. All practices are done alone, to the degree you are able and easily modified for any physical limits.
  • Archetypal Empowerments – Using the Astrological Medicine Wheel (pictures of the 12 signs of the zodiac laid out in a circle on the floor) in a shamanic journeying process of moving the body and breathing intentionally while meditating on specific archetypes (parts of self) you then allow yourself to express your experience to music.  Entering a shamanic journey this way can grant conscious access to something like the hypnagogic state, or like a form of self-directed-hypnosis, where your being can self heal and activate deeper potentials from within with remarkable ease, speed and organic intelligence. Shamanic journeying facilitated in this lineage of Therapeutic Experiential Astrology opens us to processing multi-dimensionally, including from the most anciently primal to the most transcendently profound layers of our being. It is a practice of self empowerment and grit, because you have to actively participate, and a vehicle for extraordinary Grace.
  • Brotherhood Support – Through Q&A with facilitators, sharing and witnessing other men’s journeys, and participating in a private Facebook group, you will benefit immensely from the support and added enrichment of a group of authentic men journeying together.


We’ll schedule the next round of in person and online events as the Covid-19 dust settles and the new lay of the land is revealed! If you’re wanting personal support online reach out to either Matt or Chris via the details below. 



What do you mean, Lingam?

Lingam is a Sanskrit word for the penis which means Wand of Light. We use Lingam because it invokes a deeper meaning of a male body’s genitals. Lingam points to its energetic capabilities and spiritual potentials and invites more reverence in how penises are related to. We believe using this term helps to integrate the sacred and the sexual in our whole being, which can then serve to spread this benefit more widely in the cultures we participate in.

Who is this for?

Men. Any male bodied person who wants to expand their intimacy and sexual potentials.

Do I need to get naked? Will others be naked?

There is no nudity involved. Any practice involving self-touch is done in a completely private way and will not involve any sexual stimulation, wanking etc. 

I already practice non-ejaculation, so what more can you possibly teach me?

The activations and practices of Lingam Awakening go well beyond, and yet complement, non-ejaculation practices: they may greatly assist you unfolding the fruits of this approach. Practicing non-ejaculation is not explicitly taught nor is it required for full participation in Lingam Awakening. We believe in helping men cultivate ejaculatory choice and empowering them to embody a diverse range of orgasmic experience, including becoming whole bodily multiorgasmic. 

I haven’t learnt tantra before, is this for me?

No previous knowledge or established competence is required to participate fully in Lingam Awakening. Every practice will be clearly explained and guided so that beginners and experts alike can deepen their practice at their own pace. 

Do I need to have a partner to do this?

No. You do not need to have a sexual partner or relationship to participate fully in Lingam Awakening. All practices taught are to be done by yourself alone and will naturally benefit your love making.

My partner loves me as I am, why would I do this?

Great! There’s always more if you dare to explore… you might find new and novel ways to delight yourself and your partner. But rest assured Lingam Awakening is not teaching new dogmas that will make anything about your existing love life wrong… it will just open new potentials within you, and offer new practices that you might enjoy exploring. 

Who else will be participating?

Other forward thinking men, like you, from all walks of life and various ages (18+), who are curious to explore their human potential and improve their sex life and relationships.

What about privacy?

The content of your participation is confidential. Your content includes anything that you contribute to any in-person-group in online-forums, like a private Facebook group or online webinar. All participants will be asked to maintain confidentiality about everyone else’s contributions… you are free of course to share your own experience with whoever you want.

What if I already have a religion?

You can maintain any religious belief or faith and fully benefit from participating in Lingam Awakening: no beliefs are required! If any practice raises questions for your faith, you can simply elect to not do that part – and you will be fully supported in exercising your personal choices.

I’ve got a massive tantric library, why would I participate in this?

A lot of the content of Lingam Awakening won’t be found in any book. All the philosophies and techniques are only of value if they’re embodied… and the easiest way to really open into the depth of awakening and activation practices is to get the transmission, the nervous-system modelling, that you can only get in real-time (either in person or remotely, via online video).

What if I don’t want to do some of the practices?

You are at choice in every practice to do it, or not, to start and stop as you want. Your personal choices will be fully supported. 

Is this for men only?

Yes this is for male bodied people only, of any gender identification.

What if I want to participate but can't afford it?

Scholarships for people experiencing financial hardship are available upon application. Please contact us to discuss. 

What's the refund policy?

No refunds unless the event is cancelled without an offer to reschedule. If for some reason you cannot make the event you can transfer your ticket to another person at the same event or into credit to use with the facilitator’s other offerings within 6 months.



“Great Facilitators. Great Team. Creative and powerful processes. Felt empowered and enlightened and secually open. I’m sure this process will continue to work me. I thoroughly recommend Lingam Awakening to Every Man.” ~ Rod Goodridge

“The experience I had with Lingam Awakening far exceeded my expectations. In fact deciding to go into this I simply trusted my instincts and als having done tantric workshops with Matt SMall on previous occasions. I knew the space would have a grounded authenticity. The work was a full body experience and personally I was able to reach altered states that brought me to a new level of clarity and self love.” ~ Adam Singer

“The facilitation was well paced and the format was well organised and flowed well. I feel that this cracked me open nicely and am looking forward to exploring how this presents itself over the next period.” ~ Chris Evans




Matt Small

In 2009, his heart’s desire awakened within him to have a deep, authentic relationship with woman. He wanted to meet the Goddess in her purest form. Since then Matt has continually challenged and confronted himself through his extensive training, healing and in relationship, which has lead to his own transformation.

Matt is on the life journey to access the central core of his depth and sexual essence with full integrity. Through continual cultivation, Matt has harnessed the power of his sexual energy, and this has inspired his deep commitment to supporting men on their sexual journey.

He is here to support men and women, to discover, heal, and own their sexual empowerment. Matt has a vision of women and men relating authentically with passion, love and consciousness. He offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom anchored in his own embodiment. Matt holds a powerful, transformative and lovingly safe container for you to access and harness your primal sexual power and create the life, lovemaking and relationships that you most deeply desire.

Learn more about and contact Matt directly via his personal website.


Chris C Stewart

Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence.

He is a professionally accredited Therapeutic Experiential Astrologer and Spiral Dynamics Values Consultant with a Bachelor of Psychology & Communications, and a Master of Science in Strategic Foresight.

Chris has three decades of experience exploring spirituality, tantra and human development, reigniting and refining lifetimes of learning and being initiated into many healing modalities and activation practices and awakening transmissions.

An experienced meditation facilitator, he helps healers and change agents clear their baggage and connect to their powers to deliver more medicine to more people – because he’s convinced the world desperately needs more people willing to wake up, clean up and show up in service ASAP. If you’re reading this, it needs YOU.

Learn more about and contact Chris directly via his personal website.